Our products have been carefully chosen based upon their product quality, competitive pricing and relevance to the hospitality industry.

Stancaps.net—Stancaps, also known as Glass Covers will keep your glassware dust and lint free.

WineDoggyBag.com—Wine Doggy Bags for removing unfinished bottles of wine from a restaurant - meeting the laws of all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Buttercovers.com—Our Butter Covers, also known as ramekin covers show that you truly care about your patron’s dining experience.

Printingforrestaurants.com—The leading printing company for restaurants with the most knowledgeable staff in the industry

Theultimatedininglight.com—The Ultimate Dining Light is a unique tool for enhancing your guest’s dining experience. Not only will you demonstrate your commitment to exceptional service, but you will also emphasize your sensitivity to your guests’ individual needs.

Restaurantcoasters.com—Classic and inovative restaurant coasters.

Burgerpicks.com—Custom burger picks for a creative presentation.

Steakmarkers.com—Custom and specialty markers for the kitchen or for presentation.

Drinkstirrers.info—Custom options available along with hundreds of stock items.

Customsushiboxes.com—Custom options available along with hundreds of stock items.

Restaurantmatches.net—Custom options available along with hundreds of stock items.